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Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever

Hebrews 13:8

Pastor George & sis Portia Martin

“Keep the Message honorable, and live the right kind of life. Don’t let no smut come upon It. We’re living too late now. We’re—we’re too late in the hour. Let’s live It clean. Well, my life, your life, all of our lives needs to be picked up, before God.”

65-1121 – What House Will You Build Me?
William Marrion Branham

Please note that the Library, Sunday school and all Youth services are suspended until further notice.


Deaf boy Healed

The boy in the picture was declared deaf by doctors. The pastor and church prayed for him and he received his hearing back.

Kea’s Testimony

On Saturday night, the 5th of January 2013, Mumcy showed me what appeared to be a bad pimple on Kea’s chest. It was just under a centimetre in diameter, but was blood red. We prayed for her and put her to bed. The next morning, on Sunday, the pimple had become bigger and seemed to […]

Br Smit’s Testimony

Below is brother Smit and his wife standing with Pastor George Martin. Brother Smit was diagnosed with cancer of the nose. After the Pastor and church prayed for him, the Lord healed him completely.