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Service Attendance Registration

Shalom Saints

Due to COVID-19/corona virus regulations set by the South African Government, we have a limited number of seats available in church for in person attendance.

As things are changing week to week, we ask for your patience and understanding as we want to adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines. Our hope is that we will soon be able to open our doors completely and offer seats to everyone who wishes to attend in person.

For now, we require a reservations in order to attend a service as we have a 150 person limit per gathering.

Those who can stream the sermon from home, please continue to do so.

Please note we will start our services in church 30 minutes earlier (10:00am) to sync up with the streaming sermon at 10:30am

Social distancing to be practiced (and masks to be worn at all times). This includes before, during and after services.


The song service will start at 10:00am to sync up with the streaming sermon at 10:30am. Please try to arrive earlier for check in.

Yes, everyone who would like to attend the service in church needs to reserve a seat on the link above.

  1. When you arrive for service, please expect to have your temperature taken and your hands sanitized at the entrance.
  2. Your booking will be verified and checked-in.
  3. Everyone over the age of two is expected to wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth before you are allowed in the church.
  4. Social distancing rules will also apply at all times while on the church premises.